Don Jayamaha

Managing Director

Don obtained his BA Double Major in Political Science and Philosophy from Stony Brook University (New York, USA) and completed his Post Graduate studies from Harvard University (Harvard’s VPAL FinTech 2021). GemPay is especially lucky to have Mr. Jayamaha as one of its leaders in the management department. He also worked as an Honorary Professor of Shanghai University MBA Center and was the HR Director for Arington Consulting for 1 year. He has an admirable, wide-ranging experience of 4 years as the Business Development Consultant for Jasco Solutions Ltd., 6 years as the Managing Director of Serendib Treasures of Royalty, 3 years as the Consulting Director at Vision Capital Group, and 1 year as a Consultant for Fintech SG Ltd.

Chairman of the Board and Entrepreneur

Sumudu Dharmarathne

Sumudu studied at Kingswood College (Kandy, Sri Lanka) and achieved his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and Masters of Social Medicine and Healthcare Administration from Soochow University (Suzhou, China). The incredibly accomplished man also has 2 years of experience as a Medical Doctor at Medihouse (PVT) Ltd (Colombo) and a Post Graduate Diploma of Diplomatic Training. Moreover, he is well aware of the expertise required to manage a corporation with great excellence. This comes with his jobs as the Managing Director for Triangle Holidays (PVT) Ltd., Managing Director for Dio Lanka International (PVT) Ltd., Director at Jiangsu Shanshui Energy Conservation Services Co. Ltd. (Sri Lanka branch), and Consultant for Top International Engineering Corporation.

Director of Finance

Ye Pan

Ye Pan has a Bachelor of ESA from the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim in Germany with a Degree and studied at the Academy of Society for Vocational Education. He has gained a marvelous variety of experiences in his career. He was an important part of the Tourism Management with German company Schumann Reisen for 4 years and Franchise Owner for Europcar Car Rental service GmbH in Hamburg Germany for 5 years. He spent a year as the IT Admin Manager for Huawei Technology Germany GmbH and then 3 years working as the talented Asia Director for Lord of Kerry AG Luzern in Switzerland.

Director of Business Development

Ryan Strasser

Ryan Strasser is the Director of Business Development at GemPay and has been invested in the world of cryptocurrency since 2017 after he started working as a consultant for a fintech company based in Singapore as a Project Manager; this not only helped him gain remarkable experience but also allowed him to look into and work with blockchain and cryptocurrencies and related projects in Philippines, China, and Singapore. Though a native New Yorker, Strasser moved to the Philippines in 2012 and then to Shenzhen in 2014 where, till July 2017, he assumed the position of Head of Marketing for a bitcoin arbitrage company. When he was in China, he worked as a marketing consultant for E-commerce companies. He began trading blockchain and crypto in 2016 independently.

Director of Investor Relations

Ken DiCicco

Mr. DiCicco always has something new and exciting to bring to the table as the Head of Investor Relations for GemPay; especially due to the extensive corporate management experience he has gained over the years. Ken is the holder of a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and an MBA both from Arizona State University. The initial phase of his journey starting taking shape when he relocated from the USA to Asia in 2002 and took up the position of the Asia Finance & Accounting Director for a Nasdaq listed company. He has helped launch several startups in multiple industries including Media Entertainment, Offshore Financial Services, and Sports & Equipment Marketing. He was among the first investors in GemPay in 2018 and was the Head of International Business Development for a leading cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform since 2019.

Director of Technology

Kamal de Silva

Kamal de Silva is yet another one of the dedicated team members at GemPay. He acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from the University of Colombo in 2016 and has been working as a software engineer in eCommerce for 5+ years for System and Payment Gateway Integrations. Then, he worked at Takas (PVT) LTD for 5 years from Oct 2015 to Sep 2020 as a Software Engineer and worked as a Senior Software Engineer at TES.LK for one year before joining us on our journey to excelling GemPay as a crypto gateway.

Director of Americas & Middle East

SM Sheikh

Mr. Sheikh has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Washington, Foster School of Business learning fundamentals of finance, accounting, marketing and investments and Harvard Executive Education in entrepreneurship and general management with a focus in business psychology, ethics, global economics, and commodity acquisition. He has excellent communication skills with fluency in Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Urdu and is also skilled in mitigating risk and assessing operations to streamline processes. His business expertise also includes generating revenue in 20+ countries, forging networks with CEO’s and government entities. He brings 7 years of well-versed experience in managing company growth and revenue for multinational corporations to GemPay as well. He worked as the Dubai Multi-Commodity Center/ Director of Operations from March 2016 to April 2021. He has also adopted the integration of new versatile payment systems related to Crypto/Blockchain.

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