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Welcome to one of the most trusted and reliable cryptocurrency payment gateways for merchants! Now your customers can spend their cryptocurrency with GemPay for your goods or services.

About Gempay

GemPay is a merchant tool to accept cryptocurrency and receive settlement to their bank account in fiat currency. GemPay allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments without having to worry about fluctuations in exchange rates. GemPay is a crypto payment gateway that grants accessibility, efficiency, fairness, and creates an overall transparent financial system for its customers. We started with the revolutionary concept of making cryptocurrency available and easily accessible for anyone, anywhere. Security is among our top priorities. We have enhanced GemPay to be an easy-to-use platform for accessing the cryptocurrency economy. We strive to do our best for you and will be by your side every step of the way.


Any information you share with us while signing up and dealing with your cryptocurrency will be kept safe by our secure platform. We promise reliability and ensure our customers that their intel will not be misused in any way.


With the help of our extensive support team and fast-acting website, your work can be done in minimal time. Therefore, whatever you wish for can be fulfilled within a reasonable period; enough to leave you fully satisfied with our services!

Excellent Support

Whenever you need help with your cryptocurrency dealings, our professionals and experts will be here to help you out with whatever you need! Our team is filled with experienced personnel that will keep you from getting stuck as you work your way through the gateway.

Our Delivery Application

If you are looking for a reliable platform to exchange and deal with your cryptocurrency, our app is the ideal way to go! GemPay is constantly working to ensure you can have an excellent experience with us with smart features and attractive attributes that make your work better and more enjoyable.

Not only will you be able to work easily through our intelligent interface, but you will also have access to several new qualities and strong customer support for you to get through any difficulty and ask for help whenever you want!


User-Friendly Interface

Our application is incredibly easy to use and will help you get the job done in no time! You should easily find your way through the multiple services provided – the platform is superbly navigable.


24/7 Support

If you have difficulty using the app or run across an unfamiliar issue, simply contact our team! We’ll help you out with the problem you are facing and make sure that you can get back to your work as soon as possible.


Modern Build

Not only does the application help you get the job done swiftly, but it also makes it fun! The colorful, beautiful designs and features in the app’s appearance enhance your experience and make it more fun!

Don Jayamaha

Managing Director

Don obtained his BA Double Major in Political Science and Philosophy from Stony Brook University (New York, USA) and completed his Post Graduate studies from Harvard University (Harvard’s VPAL FinTech 2021). GemPay is especially lucky to have Mr. Jayamaha as one of its leaders in the management department. He also worked as an Honorary Professor of Shanghai University MBA Center and was the HR Director for Arington Consulting for 1 year. He has an admirable, wide-ranging experience of 4 years as the Business Development Consultant for Jasco Solutions Ltd., 6 years as the Managing Director of Serendib Treasures of Royalty, 3 years as the Consulting Director at Vision Capital Group, and 1 year as a Consultant for Fintech SG Ltd.

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Frequently Ask Question

Are you new to the world of cryptocurrency? If so, here are some beginner-worthy questions and their answers to help you understand the subject. For more help and information, contact our talented team for guidance and assistance when working through our crypto gateway!

How can you obtain cryptocurrency?

Buying cryptocurrency via several exchanges and transactions is among the many ways to acquire digital currency. Nevertheless, there are many other methods and systems used, like crypto mining, which has added complications. In these cases, supercomputers may be used to solve complex puzzles, and the miners are remunerated using tokens or crypto coins.

Can you use cryptocurrency for making payments?

You can, of course, make payments using cryptocurrencies to merchants who welcomely accept this form/mode of payment. However, it should be noted that cryptocurrency payments have no legal protections. This implies that you can’t demand your money back if something happens with your consumption and purchases.

How do I store my cryptocurrencies?

Since it is already well established that cryptocurrencies exist digitally, you may store them electronically or via a paper wallet. There are also digital wallets that you can use to keep your crypto secure.

How many cryptocurrencies exist on the web?

There isn’t any precise number of present cryptocurrencies in the network; this is due to the code of the cryptocurrency being open-source; this implies that anybody can make their variety of cryptocurrencies by simply using the appropriate code. However, currently, the cryptocurrencies in the market exist in numbers of thousands, including the data embedded in them visible on the list of the registered coins.

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